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If you have anything minor or some loose ends that needs to be taken care of with Yui, feel free to use this entry to thread them out.

Just mark the thread accordingly like so--[Action, May 4th] and you can use this like a voicemail service thing. You can also reply to this OOCly, if you need me for anything. Just mark that it is.
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[Anyone who happens by the bakery today will notice a set of tables setup in front of the store with a bunch of baked goods placed on top. They were mostly a variety cookies and cupcakes and there were currently too girls managing the table.

Yui and Madoka were settling behind the table, ready to give out the cookies and cupcakes to anyone that comes by. Don't worry, none of them were made by least the ones Madoka knew were Yui's aren't there. Yui and Madoka also make a small announcement over the journal]

Welcome New Feathers! My name is Yui Konagi and this is my best friend, Madoka Kaname!

It's very nice to meet all of you...!

We're having a bake sale out in front of the bakery! Or's not much of a sale since there's no money.

What Yui-chan is trying to say, is that we're giving away some cookies and cupcakes...if you'd like some!

Right! Anyone can come by and pick something up at the bakery. We're located in the plaza, so come find us! Oh and also...since Bryant-san is no longer here, the bakery no longer has someone managing it. I've been working here since Bryant-san hired me, but I don't think I could run this place on my own...and I can't really bake. So, if anyone who can and is interested in helping to keep this place going, let me know!

[OOC: In this post Yui OR Madoka will tag your characters. If you want someone specific, just say so in your post or subject line. And if you want to stumble into Yui's cooking...well, best of luck to ya |D. She does have a FEW things up there that Madoka missed, but not a lot.]
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[Wow, there's been a lot of people the last two days! So what does Yui do? Shower everyone with kindness of course. Today, it is in the form of a bake goods.

Yui is standing outside of the bakery with a stand open with lots of baked goodies on the table for people to eat! Cupcakes, cookies, cheesecake, donuts. You name the sweets, she probably has them on display!]

Please, take what you like! But keep it to one or two items at a time. There's a lot of people here today, and everyone should have a chance to sample the food.
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Hm...I wonder how strange it is, if you've been here for maybe ten years and then suddenly were sent back home and lost all those years?

It's kind of sad when you think about it...even when you do forget this place, everyone would still remember you here if you ever come back. What if you came back not remembering things too? It's a lot of memories to lose...

[With everything that's been going on the last few weeks in Luceti, Yui only now just realized a special day had just passed for her two days ago. She would be a year older by this point were she at home and...that just makes her feel a little homesick, thinking about spending time with her family and friends as they celebrated with her.

...Wonder if Engi had a birthday too?]

Ah, I shouldn't start this on such a sad topic. Welcome to Luceti, New Feathers! My name's Yui Konagi and I hope all of you have settled in ok. I know you've all only just arrived, but I think you should try joining us during the weekend Pao-lin is putting up that mural near the Welcome Center. I'm sure none of us who are helping would mind meeting and greeting new faces. It'll be fun! Besides, you'll all have a chance of putting something on the mural one day too, if you like.

Oh, actually. Before this I meant to ask, when is everyone's birthday? Or...if you don't want to say, your most memorable birthday? We all come from so many different worlds, that not everyone here would know or remember to celebrate them with others. Sometimes, we don't even think about it until it's already passed. Hehe. Maybe there should be a special birthday calendar so everyone knows. Ah, but you don't have to tell everyone if you don't want to, but I'm sure people would like to know so they can celebrate with you. I think everyone should have their special moment once a year, sharing it with old and new friends. It's not everyday you can say you had a birthday with people from other worlds after all.
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[This morning was just like any other day for Yui. Wake up, freshen up, take a warm shower and get ready to head for work at the bakery. After her shower, while she was putting up her hair, she paused, noticing something in the mirror.

Was that...she finishes putting up her hair and then moves over to her journal.]


Um, does anyone else have bar codes on the back of their neck...? I just noticed it this morning, but I wasn't sure if that's normal...

[Did I mention she was just wearing a towel when she asked that? Silly girl. She ponders on that thought for a moment, but then remembers she was getting ready for work and will leave momentarily.

She'll be working at the bakery today, trying different things Regal had baked and even trying her hands on some baking herself which...doesn't really go quite as smoothly. People can probably see her tending up front inbetween all of this. Once she's finished her work at the bakery, she'll be returning back to the apartment to relax and then send a message to Madoka]

[Voice to Madoka]

Madoka-chan, I have all the supplies and books so we could trying making some simple plushies. Do you want to come over later tonight? I bought home some snacks from the bakery we can eat too.

[We are totally going to have a girl's night.]
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[...It's been a while and she was holding off on doing that one thing. She shouldn't ignore it, the owner would probably like an explanation. It's wrong anyway to keep things secret when you know you did something bad. Ok, she can do this.]


Ah, to the owner of the bakery, my name is Yui and I wanted to apologize for causing the mess you...might have saw a week ago with the window. I'm sorry I didn't bring this up sooner and I'm willing to give you an explanation. And I can do something in return for the property damage.

[There's no currency, she knows that and she knows buildings can rebuild themselves, but she still felt like she should do something, especially since she didn't speak up on it. It's the thought that counts and she honestly doesn't mind helping others.]


[Later that day, Yui can be found in the library, in the "how to" section and reading up on a few books covering how to make stuffed toys and plushies. She'll end up getting sidetrack at some point and collect some books in the medical section of the library too.

After she's finished there, she can be found at the item shop, collecting items like fabric, some needles and thread, crafting stuff.]
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[Yui has spent most of last night and the morning after to prepare a little something for all the draftees leaving the next day. It wasn't much, but she felt like she needed to pitch in somehow. They were all going out there to fight for everyone's safety in the village after all.

So Yui will be hanging out in the plaza in the afternoon with a stand setup that's covered with small-medium size bags. What's in them? You'll find some protein bars, a canteen attached to the side, a compass, a small bottle of bug spray, a bandage roll or a small bottle of pain killers and either a raincoat or a small umbrella. is a rainforest right?]


Good afternoon Luceti! My name is Yui Kounagi and I would like to tell all the draftees that I have set up a small stall in the plaza with some supplies I had gathered together what I thought you might need out there. It's not much, but every little bit can help.

And I think I made enough bags for everyone on the list... Feel free to come by, if you need that little extra help. Good luck to everyone and come back safely!
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Engi...? Engi!?

[There's the sound of footsteps as Yui paces around where she was, trying to figure out why Engi wasn't responding to her.]

Where...where am I? My clothes...[She settled down where she was, staring out at the vast world around her. She was sitting beneath a Cherry Blossom tree looking troubled. This wasn't where she was at all. Was she stuck in a daydream? That...that must be it. Why else could she not contact Engi? But where did she go? She can't have gone too far, not in her current decent.

But then, if this was a daydream, why did she have wings? Is it just a necessity for whomever's world this was? She blinks when she started hearing a soft whisper. She quickly looks around, but there was no one around. Was she starting to hear things too? None of the voices sounded like Engi...]

U-Um, excuse me. Ah, there's so many of you talking. Whoever you are that's trying to talk to me, could you please tell me where Engi is? This is your world isn't it? Do any of you know where she is?


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